~ Protoblend ~

Simulation prototype service

For a relatively small fee, I will create a fully functional real-time prototype, to embody the core mechanics of your desired simulation. I will do so using the Blender Game Engine, which will provide you with various extension options, in addition to all the world-class editing tools available in Blender itself.

A more detailed picture of what you can expect:

As shown in the video, the graphics will consist of fairly simple geometric primitives, wrapped with equally simple mario/minecraft textures (or whatever I choose). You can then replace those with your own unique assets.

The prices: $200 for a 2D prototype, and $300 for a 3D prototype.

To ensure that your requirements fit within those price tiers, and within the scope of my current abilities, I will not work on anything that involves:

  • Network multiplayer.
  • Massive scale, open world games.
  • High fidelity realism.
  • Clone of <insert popular AAA title>.

Be realistic, focus on fun gameplay, and you will get your money’s worth.

Request submission guidelines

I will need a concise pdf document, which clearly outlines the core mechanics of your simulation (no more than 3 conventionally sized pages of text/images). You can send that to goran at nilunder dot com, as an attachment; I will try my best to respond within 24 hours.

If I find your request to be something I can deliver, I will send you a PayPal invoice. You can pay this invoice with your PayPal account, or your debit/credit card, and when you do, I will start working on your project.

You can expect to receive your completed prototype 7 days later, at the latest.

Extended support

With a complete prototype base, you will be able to build a variety of scenes, using your own assets. However, if you find a need for a programmer, once again, to add new, or modify existing features, I could do that very effectively, at reasonable rates (I would give you a fair price per feature).

And if you want to learn how to do some of this stuff on your own, I could teach you.